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Bhutan,” The Land of the Thunder Dragon”, also provides hiking opportunity for travelers through remote villages, farms land, breathtaking landscapes, ridges, and pristine forest. Hiking varies from easy to hard. Easy hike takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour and for hard, 4 to 5 hours. Every hike takes you to temples, monasteries, Dzongs and different elevation of passes or hilltops for stunning view of Himalayan peaks and explores flora and fauna and birding. Where travelers can experience away from sounds of urban life and enjoy Bhutanese culinary hot picnic lunch, you can also hang colorful prayer flags on the passes or on the ridges for long life and good luck. 


Bhutan Thunder Dragon Tour is a 9 Nights / 10 Days blissful trip in the land of the ancient mystery.

Bhutan Still being an underdeveloped  country, people in the remote  villages practice mixed farming. 

Wonderfully exotic. Incredibly dramatic. Its magical essence can’t be articulated. From the rich Buddhist culture to its remote Himalaya setting. 

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