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Bhutan is swiftly developing its reputation as a premier destination for adventure sports. Set amongst the majestic Himalayas our kingdom is the perfect location for all manner of exciting activities including Hiking, Trekking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Fishing.

Mountain biking or cycling in Bhutan is a bit more adventurous and a pleasurable trip than most other tour activities because of its rugged terrain and peaceful roads. You can cycle on the hilly with zig-zag motor roads or there are several new off-road biking trails being developed which makes Bhutan a vibrant destination for mountain biking enthusiasts.

The crystal clear rivers of Bhutan are one of the kingdom’s most precious natural resources. The pristine environment and the sheer variety of the rivers’ courses provide a unique opportunity for travellers to explore Bhutan’s beautiful wilderness. The rugged, untamed waterways of Bhutan will not disappoint the adventurous seekers.

Bhutan birding tour is a splendid way of seeing marvelous and highly endemic birds. Let us take you on a great journey of discovery through some of the best birding sites for a dedicated birding experience, including…

The camping is for two days through forest of pines, Rhododendrons and good view of Himalayan range. It starts from Sangchokor Temple in Paro and ends at Taksang monastery, where you can meet with locals.

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