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While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. As such, strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of its unique culture. By protecting and nurturing Bhutan’s living culture it is believed that it will help guard the sovereignty of the nation.

This cultural tour through the mystical Western valleys of Bhutan is an ideal introduction to the Dragon Kingdom. 

This tour takes you to western and central part of Bhutan and gives you a glimpse of its rich religious and cultural heritage all along the way.

During a week-long tour in the western part of Bhutan, you will see the highlights of Bhutan, like Punakha Dzong and the old capital of Bhutan. 

This remote, wild and rugged east of Bhutan is perhaps the most mysterious part of the kingdom. You will be rewarded with tradition of the minority which led their life in a semi-nomadic way, fascinating village little influenced by tourism, group-free dzong and temples, colorful outfits, silks and embroidery.

“Haa Valley” opened its gates to tourism only recently and has remained wonderfully old-world and untarnished by the influences of contemporary development. We discover Bhutanese warmth or we can just mountain bike around the valley or riverside in this tranquil locale.

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